About Me


My name is Jessica Valentine-Howard and you, my friend, have stumbled upon my very small corner of the internet!
Synerjes is a play on words, the word Synergy essentially means to bring different things together to create one cool thing… I added in the ‘Jes’ part because Synerjess didn’t look as cool and I wanted my name in there somewhere!
This began as a little hobby on the side of school and or working but it has turned into a place to share positivity AND honesty (two things that don’t always come hand in hand on the internet) where all are welcome, I talk about general lifestyle stuff, fashion pieces I am loving amongst all sorts of other diverse topics because thats what I am into
I am an award winning video makerer with a love for photography and story telling, I like to incorporate these things into my blog too, my goal is to give you things to look at that are aesthetically pleasing whilst simultaneously inspiring you to do what you love too!

Twitter: twitter.com/synerjes
Instagram: instagram.com/synerjes
Facebook: facebook.com/synerjes
Snapchat: JessicaV_H